Rocklane's Covid-19 Response

These are strange times indeed! The following is Rocklane’s imperfect plan for worshiping together while trying to keep people as safe and feeling as safe as we can. These guidelines are not made out of fear but rather respect for the governing authorities (Romans 13; Titus 3) and our desire to meet in the name of Jesus (Hebrews 10:25).

  • If you plan to attend our worship services on Sunday we ask that you:

    • self-screen for flu-like symptoms before you come.  
    • sanitize your hands upon entering the building. (provided)
    • wear a mask while you are in our facility. (provided, if needed)
    • maintain a 6 ft social distance from other families to the best of your ability.

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  • If you plan to attend RSM Pulse on Sunday mornings we ask that your students:

    • Don’t let your student attend if they have any flu-like symptoms. Stay home get rest we will see them next time. But let us know if your sick and we will pray for you!
    • We realize that Jesus and germs are everywhere so, when you arrive at Rocklane please have your students sanitize their hands. We will have sanitizer provided at the entry doors. 
    • Please have your students wear a mask while they are in our facility. . Its a fun game that we can play in guessing who it is. We will have some extra masks available if your student forgets theirs. 
    • We realize with students this can be hard but we ask that they maintain a 6ft distance from other families to the best of their abilities. Believe me we are huggers this is hard but we can do it together. 

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  • If your children will be attending our Kidslane services during the 11 PM service was ask that you:

    • self-screen for flu-like symptoms before coming.
    • Children in kindergarten and above wear a mask (we have one if needed).
    • Children will be asked to sanitize upon entering the children’s wing. (provided)
    • We are not able to socially distance at this time, but we are constantly evaluating the attendance of each classroom and will split classes when possible.
    • For more in depth information on how we are dealing with Covid in our children’s ministry click HERE

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