All of the classes below are for both men and women, except where noted.  Please feel free to visit each one so that you may find the perfect fit for you.

*Room 102/103:  The Pauline Epistles/Facilitators on Rotation

*Room 104:  Study on Proverbs/Doyle Burgess, Facilitator

*Room 105:  Study on Acts/Ryan Jorgensen, Facilitator

*Room 106:  "Crossing the Waters"/Sara Ray, Facilitator (Women Only)

*Room 107:  Study on John/Braxton Zachery, Facilitator

*Room 108:  Sermon Discussion/Danny Nickleson, Facilitator

*Room 109:  Biblical Interpretation/Patrick Kelly, Facilitator

*Room 110:  Christian Standard/Lois Allen, Facilitator