Where we come from

Rocklane Christian Church is a special place, a place that seeks to love the world with God's love by following the guidance of His Word.  By the grace of God, Rocklane has continued to defy the odds that so often harm the church.

The average life of a church is 96 years, Rocklane is over 170 years old.  In 1846, two home churches joined to form this church.

It is said that 80% of all churches have plateaued, Rocklane has been steadily growing ever since it was started, and especially in the last 20 years.

It is said that when the average church turns 50 years old, its best years lie behind them.  With each year and decade, Rocklane has always ever seen more exciting things happening.

This comes from a history of allowing God, rather than man, to lead this church, of seeking to stand firm on His Word.  Ever since the beginning, this congregation has continued to make decisions and pool resources to grow the Kingdom of Christ, always holding the word of God close and always striving to share the Gospel with anyone and everyone.

Now our church is growing rapidly, serving the community, across the seas, and each other.  We have outgrown our facilities and look to an exciting future of more expansion for the kingdom.  Rocklane Christian Church is a special place!

Arise Build Progress

Rocklane's next step

You may have noticed that we are in the midst of a building project! Below is a basic rundown of the project and how you can get involved.

The What:

At this time we are adding to our building in 3 significant ways:

  • A new children’s wing (see Core Value # 5)
  • A new sanctuary (see Core Value #7)
  • A large foyer (see Core Value #3)

The Why:

Back in 2017 we began to realize a few things:

  • Needs: in each of the areas above we have a real need for more space. We currently have 3 services in our gymnasium and our wonderful children’s wing is at capacity! 
  • Opportunities: the community around is us growing, with a new 350 home housing development being built just 1.4 miles down the road and more in the future.

The Cost : The entire project will cost us roughly $5.5 million.

At this point we have paid 2 million and borrowed 3 million from two different, anonymous people at little to no interest.

While using this to finish the project we are continuing our campaign and raising the final $500,000.  

Once the project is done we will focus on getting the debt paid off as quickly as possible!

How you can get involved:

If you are interested in helping with this project we ask three things of you:

1. Pray. As a family, we want you to pray about your involvement in Arise! Ask God to guide you in how He would have you help to fulfill this vision. 

2. Listen. Hear from God what sacrifice looks like for your family. 

3. Obey.

If you feel so led to give to this campaign you can do it in a variety of ways just follow this link.  

The bottom line: 

At Rocklane our mission is simple, we exist to help people know God. 

Our goal is not this building. It is a rung in the ladder, a tool to be used to help as many people as we can come closer to God.