Frequently askeD questions

Online Account Access and Church Directory


How do I sign up?

Any active member or regular attender of RCC may send an email to or use The Rock, RCC official APP to sign up using the convenient form.  You MUST send your photo to be used.


Where’s my invitation?

If you have requested to be in the Directory and did not receive an email response from an Administrator that acknowledged your request, please email  and we will figure out what happened.


I tried to upload a new photo but I cannot edit it in the program so it looks right.

As of February, 2023 there is a trouble ticket to address this issue with the software provider.  Their development team is working on it, however in the meantime, just text  email your photo to me and I'll be happy to do this for you. to email.

My invitation has expired? What now?

Just Email  and a new invitation can be sent.  

Can I have access to my own information and private giving information but not be in the Directory?

I'm sorry, but no.  There is one password and the private account is integrated with the directory.

Do I have to create a new password each time I log in?

NO.  While it may appear you are prompted for a new password each time, the original one should work.  If you’ve forgotten your password click the ‘forgot my password’ tab and you’ll be allowed to create a new one. An email will be generated and sent to the family email that’s in our database.


May I change my own family photo after I've created an account?

Yes.  As of 2023 this is available to you.  It will be monitored for appropriate content.  Use only .jpeg, jpg, bmp, or .png files.

Can you scan a regular printed photo for me?

Yes.  Please drop your photo to be scanned at the church office.  You'll need to leave it.   Please be sure to leave your contact information.


Is there a photo for me already in the database?  Can I use that one if there is?  Email and I will be glad to check that out for you.


Do I have to be in the Directory in order to have access?

Short answer-yes  



How can I get my entire immediate family listed on my account? There are people missing.

Email  Let me know who needs to be added, their relationship (son, daughter, spouse) and I'll take care of that for you.

There are people on my account who need to be removed, how do I do this?



Can I use my Android phone or iPhone? Is there an App?

Yes, you can use your smart phone browser.  No, there isn’t an App, but our testing has found that the directory displays nicely on smart phones which have a browser.  Log in using The Rock, the church's APP as a convenient way to access your created account.


I get a message saying my Email is not found?

Email I'll help you with this.


I changed emails now I cannot log in, what do I do?

Email  I can help you with this.


Is my information secure?

The developers of this program assures me it is a secure program.  But as with anything else, there is a risk to being online.  Anytime you make an online purchase, check your bank account or use social media, there is a risk.  You’re responsible for keeping your member access password secure.


We will be watching for any abuse of the directory for personal gain or NON church solicitations. We also encourage reporting abuse that we will investigate.   Anyone proven engaging in these practices will have online access revoked & probably get a phone call/visit from Pastor Seth and the Eldership.


Added 04.2024:  The Online Directory is not to be used to harvest email to advertise for any event or request in or outside of RCC;  All advertisement/requests must go through the front office and have proper authorization to be publicized.  Abuse of the Online Directory for these means will result in first a warning and then revocation of Directory privileges' if the abuse continues  The purpose of the directory is for one to one contact.

Please take note that this database does not contain ANY bank or credit card information.  If you give online that is a totally separate program that downloads only the amounts to your account-never ever the credit/debit information.


I’ve changed my mind, I requested to be in the Directory but now I want to be removed.  How do I do that?

I'll be sad to see you go.  Please let me know what’s wrong to see if I can fix the issue.  But if you’re sure of it, please Email and I’ll take care of removing you. Remember, you won’t have access to the directory if you request to opt out.


My parents don’t have a computer, will there be a paper copy of the Directory? Can they be in the directory?

Yes, and yes.  I want to limit the number of simple paper copies made and there will be a cost to cover printer ink and paper.  It won’t be fancy.  And it will be out of date as soon as it’s printed.  The online version will update with every new family added or every address/phone update that’s made. 


I’m not part of Rocklane, but I know a lot of people at your church, can I sign up?

I’m sorry, but the answer is no.  This online Directory is to be used to connect our growing congregation with each other.  That is the sole mission of this courtesy.    However, if you don’t have a Church you attend regularly and since you do know a lot of the Rocklane people, consider attending & be a part of us!!   We’d LOVE to have you!

My question isn’t on this list? 

Email  We’ll be happy to assist and answer your concerns and questions.