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Frequently askeD questions

Online Account Access and Church Directory


When will the directory be ready to view?

The account & directory went LIVE on February 25th, 2022 due to overwhelming response!


Who will be included in the Directory automatically?

No one is automatically in the directory. 

It is by request & approval only.  


 to request being included.


How do I sign up?

Send an email to making your request.  You can also send your photo to be used, along with the request, attached to the same email.


Where’s my invitation?

If you have requested to be in the Directory and did not receive an email response from an Administrator that acknowledged your request, please either email again or call 317-501-5424 and we will figure out what happened.


What is the Directory password?  Or I had access it but now it doesn’t work

The Directory password is sent to you in an email after your request is approved and you receive an invitation from ‘’.  This is one layer of security so that only authorized users can access the directory. If you had access for the Pilot program but didn’t request being in the directory, you will need to send an email to to ask to be included in the directory. Then, you’ll receive the updated password.


Why doesn’t my account password work for the Directory?

The password you create for your Member Access is your own private password.  No one else can access your giving or update family information except for you.  The Directory password is a common password and will be sent to you in an email after you’ve requested to be in the Directory.


My invitation has expired? What now?

Just Email  and a new invitation can be sent.  You can also use the Account Access and Online Directory button on the church website:  


Can I have access to my own information and private giving information but not be in the Directory?

Yes.  You can email: asking for account (member) access and state you do not want to be in the directory.  The directory requires a separate password.  Please note, if you don’t want to be in the directory you won’t have access to it.

Do I have to create a new password each time I log in?

While it may appear you are prompted for a new password each time, the original one should work.  If you’ve forgotten your password click the ‘forgot my password’ tab and you’ll be allowed to create a new one. An email will be generated and sent to the family email that’s in our database.


I can’t upload a new photo myself or my family, what do I do?

Photo changes can only be done by an Administrator.  Send your digital photo to: and we’ll be happy to make that happen.  Include your full name in the email’s subject line, please.


What kind of photo can I use?

Any appropriate digital photo.  Include only your immediate family members.  Email to: with the family name:  one from Christmas, a vacation or a family wedding, or any photo you really like of the immediate family..  Please don’t send a photo with all your relatives included.  While we love them as you do, the focus is on your family.


Can you scan a regular printed photo for me?

Yes.  However you will need to request to be in the directory via the email OR call 317-501-5424 if you have no computer first.  Once you’ve received the acknowledgement from the Admin you can then drop off the regular photo to the RCC office. They will not scan it upon receipt. This is not their job.  They will hold it for a directory team member to pick it up.  Make sure you have your family name written on the back or a sticky note.  After the photo has been scanned and returned to the office, you will be notified by email or phone call that it is ready for you to pick up.  We will not return regular photos by USPS mail.


Is there a photo for me already in the database?  Can I use that one if there is?  Email and we will be glad to check that out for you.


Do I have to be in the Directory in order to have access?

Short answer-yes  And we will attempt to monitor this closely.


Can I be in the Directory without a photo?

Yes.  If you request being in the directory, then it’s up to you if want a photo included.  With no photo, only your contact information-address/phone and email will be listed.


How can I get my entire immediate family listed on my account? There are people missing.

Email  Let us know who needs to be added, their relationship (son, daughter, spouse) and we’ll take care of that for you!

There are people on my account who need to be removed, how do I do this?

Email   Let us know who needs to be removed & why (we don’t want to know your business, but if it impacts their place in the directory we need to be sure it’s justified-divorce, foster kids went back home, adult children that moved out, etc) and we’ll take care of that for you!  Just because your wife made you mad tonight is not a good reason, btw.


Can I use my Android phone or iPhone? Is there an App?

Yes, you can use your smart phone browser.  No, there isn’t an App, but our testing has found that the directory displays nicely on smart phones which have a browser.


I get a message saying my Email is not found?

Email   We’ll help you with this.


I changed emails now I cannot log in, what do I do?

Email   We can help you with this.


Is my information secure?

The developers of this program assure us it is a secure program.  But as with anything else, there is a risk to being online.  Anytime you make an online purchase, check your bank account or use social media, there is a risk.  You’re responsible for keeping your member access password secure.


We will be watching for any abuse of the directory for personal gain or NON church solicitations. We also encourage reporting abuse that we will investigate.   Anyone proven engaging in these practices will have online access revoked & probably get a phone call/visit from Pastor Seth and the Eldership.


Please take note that this database does not contain ANY bank or credit card information.  If you give online that is a totally separate program that downloads only the amounts to your account-never ever the credit/debit information.


I was part of the Pilot Test program, do I have to do anything?

Yes.  Only those who have sent a request to:  Email will be invited again with the roll out for the whole church.  Anyone part of the Pilot test program that has not sent a request will not have the updated Directory password & cannot access the directory.  Only access will be for your profile information and your secure giving information.


I’ve changed my mind, I requested to be in the Directory but now I want to be removed.  How do I do that?

We’ll be sad to see you go.  Please let us know what’s wrong to see if we can fix the issue.  But if you’re sure of it, please Email and we’ll take care of removing you. Remember, you won’t have access to the directory if you request to opt out.


My parents don’t have a computer, will there be a paper copy of the Directory? Can they be in the directory?

Yes, and yes.  We want to limit the number of simple paper copies made and there will be a cost to cover printer ink and paper.  It won’t be fancy.  And it will be out of date as soon as it’s printed.  The online version will update with every new family added or every address/phone update that’s made. 


However, our people who don’t have computers are very important to us.  If you, or someone in the family reading this who doesn't have a computer, can call 317-501-5424 and give verbal permission to be in the directory, that will be all that needs done.  Then, they will need to make sure we get a photo to put in the online directory (if they want one included). 


Please note:  They must request a paper copy after we launch in March 2022. We cannot possibly assume we know who wants a paper copy and we’re hoping we only have to print a small number of them


I’m not part of Rocklane, but I know a lot of people at your church, can I sign up?

I’m sorry, but the answer is no.  This online Directory is to be used to connect our growing congregation with each other.  That is the sole mission of this courtesy.    However, if you don’t have a Church you attend regularly and since you do know a lot of the Rocklane people, consider attending & be a part of us!!   We’d LOVE to have you!

My question isn’t on this list? 

Email  We’ll be happy to assist and answer your concerns and questions.